BE does not offer any “Investment Scheme” or “Investment Contract”: BE’s Response to the SEC Philippines

BE would like to respond to the recent Advisory issued by the SEC Philippines.

The SEC Philippines in its Advisory mentioned that BE is not registered with the SEC, however we have addressed their concerns by giving comprehensive information about our operations, products and services, and how we are not required to be registered with the SEC Philippines.

BE does not offer any “Investment Scheme” or “Investment Contract”. BE does not call for any investment in any financial market. BE cannot be referred to as a Ponzi Scheme.

We are confident that we are in compliance with the SEC Philippines’ regulations and are not in breach of any of their regulations.

We have deep respect for local regulations, authorities, customer protection, and business ethics. We understand the importance of complying with the regulations set by the SEC Philippines and we will engage in meaningful discussion and better understand the concerns to ensure absolute compliance with the local regulations.

BE welcomes dialogue and feedback from the community, the general public, and the media at all times.